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imime - An immodule for GTK+2 using Windows IME

imime-0.0.2 with sylpheed-gtk2

1. What's this?

"imime" is a input method module for Gtk+-2.0 which enables inline multilingual input using Windows IME. Currently, it only works with Win32 backend of Gtk+-2 yet.

2. Platform

Main target platform of this module are native win32 and Cygwin.

3. Download

You can get it from sourceforge.jp.

4. Required packages

We recomend to use Masahiro Sakai's binary packagesin Cygwin.

5. Compile and Install

5.1 Compile by Cygwin

Generarlly, you can compile it by following command on Cygwin:

 $ ./configure
 $ make

Please see the "INSTALL" file for details.

5.2 Compile by Visual C++

Please set GTKDIR in Makefile.msc as a suitable folder. Generarlly, you can compile it by following command prompt:

 >nmake /f Makefile.msc

5.3 Install

If you want to install it, you should place this module (.libs/im-ime.dll) to the suitable directory (probably, $(lib_dir)/gtk-2.0/2.x.0/immodules/), then should update $(sysconf_dir)/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules using gtk-query-immodules-2.0. Specifically, you should add the following entry:

"win32ime" "Windows IME" "gtk+" "" "*" 

6. Usage

We recommend to use "test-imime.sh" shell script to test it. It will be generated automatically by configure script.

You can run a Gtk+-2 based program by following command:

 $ sh test-imime.sh program_name

Then you can enable IME by general way.

7. Licence

GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2


Takuro Ashie

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